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Ra*bits × Double Face – Pocket ni Uchuu Lyrics

Ra*bits × Double Face 'Pocket ni Uchuu' lyrics from single Ensemble Stars!! FUSION UNIT SERIES 02. Release on July 22, 2021. Don't repost or submit this romaji lyrics anywhere else!

あんさんぶるスターズ!! ポケットに宇宙
Ra*bits × Double Face
作詞 : こだまさおり 作曲・編曲 : ミト (クラムボン)
Ra*bits are 真白友也 (CV. 比留間俊哉), 仁兎なずな (CV. 米内佑希), 天満光 (CV. 池田純矢), 紫之創 (CV. 高坂知也). Double Face are 三毛縞斑 (CV. 鳥海浩輔), 桜河こはく (CV. 海渡翼).

ポケットに宇宙 ローマ字歌詞

Romaji lyrics of “Pocket ni Uchuu” is not available right now. I will likely update the lyrics when the cd is officially release, but sooner or later than that, it depends on the situation. You can check other lyrics while you wait, xoxo.