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Dimitri Romanee – Divine Love Lyrics

Dimitri Romanee 'Divine Love' lyrics from album VISUAL PRISON Blu-ray/DVD 3. Release on February 23, 2022. Don't repost or submit this romaji lyrics anywhere else!

VISUAL PRISON 歌詞 Divine Love
ディミトリ・ロマネ (CV. 増田俊樹)
作詞 : 上松範康、Spirit Garden 作曲・編曲 : 日高勇輝

Divine Loveのローマ字歌詞」

Romaji lyrics of “Divine Love” is not available right now. There's no preview of this song, will available as bonus of VISUAL PRISON Blu-ray&DVD Volume 3. I will likely update the lyrics when the cd is officially release, but sooner or later than that, it depends on the situation. You can check other lyrics while you wait, xoxo.

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