Yuuri – Dried Flowers (English ver.) Lyrics

Yuuri 'Dried Flowers (English ver.)' lyrics from single Dried Flowers (English ver.). Release on February 01, 2022. Don't repost or submit this romaji lyrics anywhere else!

優里 Dried Flowers (English ver.)
作詞・作曲 : 優里 編曲 : CHIMERAZ

Dried Flowers (English ver.)の歌詞」

Maybe I am not the one that you were looking for
Maybe we were trying to keep what we cannot afford
Before we knew we found ourselves
Fighting all the time
I'm so sorry

You know I've been trying to bring it up to you
I guess we're never gonna work it out
Even when we had a tiny apartment for us two
Our conversation was one way
Yeah, without a doubt

If we meet again somewhere along the way
Wonder if we can laugh about all that we went through today
I don't even know how, how to tell you the reasons why
Don't wanna cry when you sleep by my side
Yeah, this I know for sure

Not your voice not your face
Not even your clumsiness
None of it none of it
I can't seem to say I hate it

Like dried flowers our colors fade
All of the days that we had
Maybe maybe maybe someday
They'll fade away

Maybe you're not the one that I was looking for
But you can't make me cry for you anymore
“Why is it always me?” I used to say
But now I don't do that no more

Breakups and broken hearts are so unbearable
Everything we had turned out to be forgettable
You know I'm wondering how you're getting along
Like are you really doing fine with somebody new?

Truth is I don't want to see you face to face again
I'd really appreciate if you could stay the hell away
Cause' you haven't changed a bit
You want everything your own way
But I still can't help myself from texting back
Trying to play it cool

Not your voice not your face
Not even your clumsiness
Even now even still
I can't seem to say I hate it

Like dried flowers our colors fade
It's just a matter of time
Maybe maybe maybe someday
We'll fade away

I see my demons there
Dancing in the moonlight
Maybe I am going crazy, losing my mind
Even in darkness I can see the colors shine bright

Yellow red and blue calling out your name
From the bottom of my heart, it's so relentless
The love I had for you is trying to break its way free

It's your voice it's your face
Its even your clumsiness
All of it all of it
Now I know I hate them all

I've got flowers that will not wither
I'm handing them to you
Will you will you will you will you
Keep them forever?



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