TRIGGER – Treasure! Lyrics

Treasure! by TRIGGER
作詞 : 安藤紗々 作曲・編曲 : 山本恭平
TRIGGER are 八乙女楽 (CV. 羽多野渉), 九条天 (CV. 斉藤壮馬), 十龍之介 (CV. 佐藤拓也)

品番 : LACM-14956

From album Crescent rise, release on January 29, 2020. Color-coded available : Yaotome Gaku, Kujo Tenn, Tsunashi Ryunosuke. This is unofficial lyrics.
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Romaji Lyrics / ローマ字歌詞

Romaji lyrics of “Treasure!” is not available right now. I will update the lyrics when the cd is officially release or sooner than that, it depends on the situation. You can check other lyrics while you wait, xoxo.

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