Romajiku is a Japanese song's lyrics transliteration (romaji version of original kanji lyrics) blog, mainly to help people to sing their favorite Japanese songs easily. However, it's not limited to Japanese songs only, I can post any song here to be romanized, but my priority is Japanese songs lyrics. This is my second romaji lyrics blog.

Romajiku is from word “romaji” (roman letters) and “ku” (it means “my/mine” in my language). In this case, Romajiku means my romaji, but it doesn't mean the lyrics that I share are mine, I just did the romanization and share it to you all. I manage this blog alone, I post whatever I want :)

This blog just provide romaji version, I won't post the original kanji lyrics (except if the song is originally in english, so I don't need to romanize it!). Please don't worry, I know trusted Japanese lyrics websites and sometimes I romanize it directly from the booklet/lyrics card. I always try my best to avoid any wrong transliteration.

Request lyrics (・∀・ )♡

You can request romaji lyrics here, just leave comment on any posts. I will reply as soon as possible if I can do it or not. Sometimes for spesific singer, their lyrics are not available on internet.

Don't repost, I need your cooperation!

This may seem easy, but romanizing song lyrics also require hard work. I hope you not reposting any romaji lyrics from here to other sites or your own sites/blog. Including your request, just use or save it for yourself. Jangan di posting ulang (jangan seenaknya copy paste) ke blog atau ke situs punya kalian atau nge-repost ke platform lain kayak Youtube, Smule, dsb. Termasuk lirik lagu yang kalian request disini (jika ada). If you want to share, you can share the url. If you like my blog, please respect and obey my rule about this.

Product or Item's Number (品番)

All product number here will follow cdjapan, sometimes it's slightly different from the official sites. If the product is not listed there, I will check the product number on singers or their label's official sites. If the product number is not available on the lyrics post, it means the song is delivered via digital (no physical cd).


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