About RK

Romajiku is a Japanese song lyrics transliteration blog (transliteration : romaji version of original kanji lyrics), to help people singing Japanese songs easily. Usually it's for myself, though. I love singing Japanese songs with the help of romaji lyrics so lyrics that I posted mainly my favorite songs, songs that catch my attention or songs from the series I love, won't far from that :)

Romajiku came from word “romaji” (roman letters) and “ku” (it means “my/mine” in my language). In this case, Romajiku means my romaji, it doesn't mean the lyrics that I share are mine, but it means that I did the romanization then share it to you all. I manage this blog alone, I don't update this blog regularly, but when I have spare time only.

This blog just provide romaji version, I won't post the original kanji lyrics. Please don't worry, I know trusted Japanese lyrics websites and sometimes I romanize it directly from the booklet/lyrics card. I always try my best to avoid any wrong transliteration.

If you still find the wrong romaji, please tell me, I'll fix it as soon as possible after I check the official lyrics (if available). Since I turn off the comment section, you can report the wrong lyrics via e-mail only, for now. Go to Contact page and fill the form.

???莫寞 碼?碼魔巒碼?