This is some random information about this blog eheh (◕ ω ◕✿)ノ

  • This blog colors is inspired by IDOLiSH7 members color with Nanase Riku's color as the main color and the rest for the label/tag on the main page, the color is not exactly the same though^^〜*
  • I use template from Idntheme called “Eclipse”, I fall in love with the template at the first sight eheheh so I bought it and use it here, well, with some modification, to my liking, of course!
  • Sometimes I posted lyrics page without “lyrics” in it to make more easier for me to update this blog when the song that catch my attention or song from the series I love, release. I mainly use free sources and I can't buy all of cd, obviously. If the lyrics not available on the web, the lyrics will empty until I find it, even if the release date has passed.
  • I prefer to use the information of the physical cd than digital. I also add the product number on the lyrics page, so I think it's better, it's like its complement each other? Eheh. Even though the song is already released on digital stores, but when the singer include the song on their next cd, I will change its information to that cd.