Some service that you can find here :

  • Romaji lyrics with song info
This is my main contents, obviously. I post the lyrics with the songs information, like album cover, album name, lyricist, composer, arranger, product item number and other additional information, if available.

  • Color coded lyrics
Sometimes I color code the lyrics to mark someone's part, I don't do this for all of my post but if I think I can color code it easily, I will do it. I avoid it if the song is from group who have so many members heheh, it's complicated. If you think it's disturb you (the color selection, maybe), please tell me.

  • Night mode
You can switch my blog view to dark or night mode, but this option maybe won't go well with the color coded lyrics because of the colors selection.

Product or Item's Number (品番)

All product number here will follow cdjapan, sometimes it's slightly different from the official sites. If the product is not listed there, I will check the product number on singers or their label's official sites. If the product number is not available on the lyrics post, it means the song is delivered via digital (no physical cd).

Privacy policy

I use Blogger to built this blog. Blogger is a blog-publishing service that allows multi-user blogs with time-stamped entries, provide by Google. I use Google Analytics to understand how visitors engage with my blog (well, I rarely check it). You can check about their data practices and commitment here. All personal data that this blog collect is what Google Analitycs & Google collect.