This is a personal blog, sometimes I just post anything I want & not really up to date to new releases. Main content is japanese songs romaji lyrics, but I also post korean songs romanization lyrics of my fave k-groups.

I need to listen to the song of lyrics that I posted, if you find the rom somehow weird or not match it means I just post it without listening to the song (usually song that not available on music streaming service, hard to get because I just use free source), I posted it anyway to make easier to update.

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I use BuzzSpot Blogger Template by Pro Blogger Templates. I change the main font to Roboto. For header font, I use Roboto font by Christian Robertson and symbol ♡ using AaFlutter™ font by Monotype Imaging Inc.

I'm using color #fd475d & #222222 overall. Update widget from this source & Related widget from this source. Update widget using updated or published feed instead of label.


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I use Blogger to built this blog. Blogger is a blog-publishing service that allows multi-user blogs with time-stamped entries, provide by Google. I use Google Analytics to understand how visitors engage with my blog (well, I rarely check it). You can check about their data practices and commitment here. All personal data that this blog collect is what Google Analitycs & Google collect.

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