This is some random information about this blog eheh (◕ ω ◕✿)ノ

  • This blog is the continuation of my old lyrics blog called chachajjang, since it's personal name I choose to delete the domain and move to RK. You can still access my old lyrics blog here, it's called Romajiii now^^〜*
  • This blog colors is inspired by IDOLiSH7 members color with Nanase Riku's color as the main color and the rest for label/tag on the main page, the color is not exactly the same though^^〜*
  • I use template from Idntheme called “Eclipse”, I fall in love with the template at the first sight eheheh so I bought it and use it here, well, with some modification, to my liking, of course!
  • Sometimes I posted lyrics page without “lyrics” in it to make more easier for me to update this blog when the song that catch my attention or song from the series I love, release. I mainly use free sources and I can't buy all of cd, obviously. If the lyrics not available on the web, the lyrics will empty until I find it, even if the release date has passed.
  • If lyrics available before the release date, most likely the lyrics is still unofficial, it's lyrics by ear only (mimicopy). Though I don't inform you on the lyrics page, please remember this because the lyrics can be wrong. If you have your own opinion, you can tell me and correct the lyrics^^〜*