EROSION – Sham'ing Lyrics

Sham'ing (OUTRO) by EROSION
作詞 : Daisuke Iwasaki 作曲 : 安保友喜 編曲 : 悠木真一
EROSION are 赤刎トキシン (CV. 千葉翔也), 杠葉ヨル (CV. ランズベリー・アーサー), 雨宮ビャクヤ (CV. 広瀬裕也), 蓮巳ネィト (CV. 鈴木崚汰), 染狩クレハ (CV. 豊永利行)

品番 : REC-923

From single 5-Vocal-Band "EROSION" 3rd Single “RAD HEAD” from CARNELIAN BLOOD, release on November 25, 2020.
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Sham'ing (OUTRO) Lyrics
Sham'ing (OUTRO) ローマ字歌詞

Romaji lyrics of “Sham'ing (OUTRO)” is not available right now. I will likely update the lyrics when the cd is officially release, but sooner or later than that, it depends on the situation. You can check other lyrics while you wait, xoxo.