MindaRyn – Daylight Lyrics

MindaRyn 'Daylight' lyrics from single Daylight. Release on February 23, 2022. Don't repost or submit this romaji lyrics anywhere else!

Anime “Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou Season 2” Opening Theme (OP). This anime premiered on Winter 2022.
MindaRyn Daylight
作詞 : Joelle 作曲 : SACHIKO 編曲 : 小山寿


Tears streaming down your sorrow face
Came a long and painful road, you gave yourself away
You saw everything, heaven to hell
You say you need a self redemption
To mend the broken wings

Drowning in the dark, no place to be
But I am by your side, you're not alone

Daylight, shed a light
So you won't disappear
Cause I know where you belong
Save your saddened heart

With a flashback, screaming out
But still we're holding on
Waiting for the break of dawn
For a new day to begin

Left out to dry
Slip through the hands
Is there a reason anymore
To keep me hanging on

Memories of the past running so fast
Can't look back on yesterday
Cause I don't trust in my power
It haunts my weary soul, I'm lonely

Crawling in the dark, no where to go
Will you be by my side, forever more

Daylight are you there?
I knew you once before
But the devil in my head
Has taken over me

Oh I need your warm embrace
To melt my weeping heart
Craving for tomorrow
For a painless day to come

Maybe nothing matters
Still I'm searching for the daylight
Tell me, nothing matters?
I'm waiting for salvation

Now I see it shine, blindness is gone
Rising from the ground, I am alive

Daylight in my eyes
I knew it all along
Fire burning in my soul
To make a better world

I've got everything I need
With you there by my side
Waiting for the break of dawn
For a new day to begin

Fire burning in my soul
Daylight, daylight
Stay a little while longer


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